Terrible: Anti-Violence Mothers Gunned Down In Chicago During Anti-Crime Street Vigil!

This is a sad story, mothers gun down in Chicago for protesting gun violence. They was just peacefully protesting when a suv pulled up and shot these two mothers. The value of the blackwoman in this country has hit an all time low

But still she wants to play hard and gentlethe world do not work that way. Not only brothers will see as killable but other people and other nations. Like i told people masculine woman are out of there place in this universe and while she is playing this role she is getting killed for it.

When everyone knew she was feminint threw and threw this would be a shock to the nation must less just there own area . Put this will be sadly to say just another to blackwoman caught in the streets of chicago doing what ever.

Women used to be untouchablev now brother are just offing them with no problem and not giving it a second thought to all her advantages over the black male and most of all her developing masculine ways

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