Jealous uncle, 44, ‘follows home and shoots dead his 21-year-old niece after having secret affair with her behind wife’s back’

This young lady was murdered after driving home as she was driving home she was confronted by her uncle that she was having the affair with in his hand was a gun. a heated arguement started and the uncle shot his niece multiple times and ran off and left the gun at the scene

Parents are not doing there jobs and it is sad that this young lady had to lose her life because the mother did not see what was going on ahead of this beautiful girl is dead. But she had to be real disturb to mess with her auncle so she could not have been that beautiful as the mothers was talking about.

Women tend to get in relationships that is not healthy what so ever be it with a stranger or sometimes ,Maybe more than to often afamily member and it all ways end up someone going to jail or someone dead. You do the math

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